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Seamoss with black seed oil

Seamoss with black seed oil

Black cumin seed is also known as Nigella contain compounds that have the following properties:



☑️Immune balancing

☑️Enhanced blood sugar metabolism thus improving insulin resistance


☑️Kidney protective

☑️Decreases pain (Analgesic)

☑️Liver protective



☑️Antimicrobial against bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi

☑️Breaks down biofilms and prevents biofilm formation






☑️Improves memory

☑️Supports a healthy microbiome

☑️Reduces lung inflammation

⚠️Specific chronic diseases that black cumin seed has been shown to improve include:

➡️Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

➡️Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

➡️High cholesterol

➡️Coronary artery disease

➡️High blood pressure



➡️Polycystic ovarian syndrome

➡️Urinary tract disorders



➡️Neurodegenerative disorders

➡️Hair loss (alopecia)




➡️Rheumatoid arthritis


➡️Loss of appetite


➡️Male infertility





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