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4oz Jar of pure Gold seamoss gel

4oz Jar of pure Gold seamoss gel

SKU: 671253175371

Derived from red algae, sea moss hosts a handful of benefits for the skin, making it somewhat of a skincare powerhouse. Since it's high in minerals and vitamins, it can be soothing for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Sea moss can also be useful to people who suffer from acne or oily skin.


    Organic Sea Moss gel for the skin -

    Not only is sea moss a great source of nutrition for your inner body but it’s also an amazing facial. Here are some of the many potential skin benefits you can experience from a Sea Moss facial.

    🐚Helps with Skin Elasticity

    🐚Evens out skin tone

    🐚Hydrates skin and locks in moisture

    🐚Soothes irritated skin and reduces flare ups of ezcema psoriasis, rosácea

    🐚Protects the skin barriers

    🐚Helps eliminated puffiness

    🐚clears acne


    Returns accepted if product is defective or damaged within 15 days of purchase date for refund of the purchase price. Ocean Salt, Ocean smell, and Ocean taste does NOT make it defective.

  • Face mask instructions

    Sea Moss facials tighten, softens, and pulls toxins from the face

    1. Wash face with a warm cloth

    2.Apply a layer of Sea Moss to your face

    3. Let the Sea Moss sit for 20-30 minutes

    4. Rinse face with a warm wash cloth

    5. Pat Dry

    6. Repeat 2-3 times a week

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