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I’m Delia and I’m the owner/founder of Lalas Golden Seamoss LLC

This is more than a business, its an act of service to myself and to my community. I began preparing and incorporating seamoss into my daily routine in February 2022 after researching different ways to improve my health and help the pain from my knee after hurting my self teaching Zumba. I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis along with a torn ligament. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to dance! Once I started to become aware of the multitude of health benefits of seamoss, I began to share my findings with my loved ones. Not long after, did I find myself preparing jars for myself and for them as well! The plan wasn't to come this far, if I can help you with my seamoss gel I'm going to continue making them. Here we are now, I’m honored to be able to share such a major component to your life! Our health is wealth and our wellness is our wholeness.

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